Lead Pastor

GCC is currently seeking a full-time Lead Pastor. If you have interest, please send a resume to grace@gccsalem.org.
Christa Barnes – Office Administrator
Having attended Grace Community Church for over 20 years, Christa has a deep love for our congregation and a passion to see GCC continue to make a significant impact in our community. She has been involved in almost every area of ministry throughout the years. Currently she manages the office operations, and serves on the Worship Team. Contact Christa by email at

Shirley Boxx – Churchkeeper

 Shirley Boxx is responsible for overseeing every wing of GCC’s facility. A spirit of excellence is one of the principles we strive for in the daily operations at Grace Community Church. Shirley is instrumental in carrying out this principle when it pertains to the appearance of the church facilities. She takes great pride and effort in ensuring the property is maintained. Shirley has been part of the Grace family for over thirty years and over churchkeeping for more than ten years. You can reach Shirley at sboxx@gccsalem.org.

Felecia Stienbarger – Treasurer/Bookkeeper

Felecia Stienbarger has served as GCC’s Treasurer for many years and is now on staff part-time keeping our books. She prays faithfully over the tithes and offerings given by our congregation and is diligent to watch over the finances of our church. In addition, Felecia leads our Rural Compassion Ministry, is a member of our Worship Team, and contributes to Intercessory Prayer. You can contact Felecia at felecia@gccsalem.org.

Marianne Skiles – Bookkeeper

Marianne Skiles is a long-time member of Grace Community Church, and recently joined our staff as part-time Bookkeeper after years of experience managing a local business. Even though she is now helping us on the administrative side, Marianne continues to serve our church in many other areas, including serving as a Hospitality Team Leader, ministering in our Nursery, and devoting time to Intercessory Prayer. Marianne can be contacted at mskiles@gccsalem.org