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Blessed Beginnings

Every service we have committed volunteers ready to care for your infants and toddlers in our Blessed Beginnings Nursery Room. This nursery provides a caring, safe and dependable environment made just for your little one. Blessed Beginnings is not just a nursery service. Our nursery team incorporates games, stories and activities to teach the youngest here at Grace that God loves them and they are a special creation. (Ages 0-2)


Sonshine Gang

During morning worship, our toddlers have a power-packed service in the Children’s Learning Center (CLC). This service is designed for kids to have fun and keep their attention, but also to realize that God has an important plan for their lives. Our desire is to impact our youngest to discover Grace! (Ages 3, 4, and 5)


Kids’ Church

Our goal is to impact our elementary students with a biblical worldview that will inspire them to be world changers! Children will help investigate the truth each Sunday morning, through the exciting Faith Case curriculum helping our kids to have fun while learning that they are never too young to have a relationship with Jesus! (Kindergarten- sixth grade)


High Point Kids

Every Wednesday evening we have ministries available for children ranging from birth to 12 years of age through our Children’s Department. Kids participate in worship and a weekly Bible adventure through the high-energy High Point program!


Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ)

JBQ was created and designed to help children develop a love for the Bible and an understanding that its truth can guide their lives daily. JBQ offers an exciting way to motivate children to learn the word of God. Our JBQ Teams meet regularly at the church for practice. During the fall and winter months, they compete monthly with other churches all over the state.


Boy’s and Girl’s Missionary Challenge (BGMC)

BGMC is a missions program through the Assemblies of God for children that instills a heart of compassion to reach the lost through praying, giving, and going. Throughout the month our kids are encouraged to save their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for a special BGMC missions offering. The second Sunday of every month is considered Missions Sunday at Grace and the kids participate in their missions giving.